LA Kings Pandora Mix Pick of the Day #6

By Danielle Parenteau

The Los Angeles Kings have their very own station on Pandora Radio.

For those unfamiliar with Pandora, it is an online music service that uses what it calls the “Music Genome Project” to play music it thinks you will like according to what songs and artists you enter on the site.

To listen to the station, click here. (You will need to be logged in.)

To view the playlists created by Drew Doughty, Jonathan Bernier, Davis Drewiske, Kyle Clifford, Alec Martinez, Brayden Schenn, Trevor Lewis and John Zeiler, plus a Game Entertainment list, click here.

Once a day (but not everyday), I will post a video of one of the songs I have heard while listening to the station or from one of the playlists, along with my opinion of the song. (Meaning, just because a song is the pick, it does not mean I necessarily like it.) Also, the order is random.

(Note: The above portion will basically stay the same in all Pandora posts, with edits occasionally made if they become necessary — what will change is the music/my opinion of it.)

Song after the jump.

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Today, U2  makes an encore appearance, having also been Pick #3. This time a case of “Vertigo” has earned them their second spot.

It does not appear on any of the Player Playlists. Though it would make a good fit for the Game Entertainment list as a pregame pump-up song.

As I said before, U2 is my favorite band, and I thoroughly enjoy this song and the album it is from (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb).

 Click here to listen

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