Player Review: John Tavares

By chrisleyden

John Tavares is the face of the New York Islanders franchise, and for the first time this season he played like the player he was expected to be when drafted first overall in 2009.

Tavares improved in both goals and assists from last season, finishing with 29 goals and 38 assists, and leading the team with 67 points. While he was minus 14 on the season, that is to be expected when you are getting a lot of ice time on a losing team.

Tavares is sure to only grow from this step forward, and although he may never have the following of someone like Sidney Crosby of Alex Ovechkin, he will be the star that the Isles can build around.

One of the best parts of Tavares game is how well he plays with line-mate Matt Moulson. I think one could argue that without each other, both of their numbers would have been much lower.

If the Islanders want to make the playoffs next season Tavares is going to need to go over 80 points. With improvements like this last season that does not seem farfetched at all.

Photo Courtesy of the Islanders Official Site.

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