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Player Review: P.A. Parenteau

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P.A.Parenteau was signed by the New York Islanders as a free agent last summer and really had a breakout year.

Parenteu was looking like a career AHL player, with short stints at the NHL level with the Rangers and Blackhawks that turned into nothing. Fortunately the Islanders gave him a full season to show what he had, and the results were impressive.

Missing only a single game all season, Parenteau finished tied for second on the team in points with 53, coming from 20 goals and 33 assists. Prior to this season the 28-year-old had a total of 9 career NHL points.

The thing with Parenteau is that he really seemed to get on hot streaks, and when he was on he was putting up at least a point a night. If he can find a way to get more consistent next season, he could up his point total by 20 or so points.

Parenteau signed a contract extension during the season for an extra year, which is perfect so the Islanders can see if this past season was a fluke or if he is the real deal.

Photo Courtesy of the Islanders official site.

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