Player Predictions: Matt Beleskey

By chrisrundell

Hey readers, my first Ducks & Cover blogs will be player predictions, and what to expect from each player in the upcoming season. Prospects will follow last years roster players under contract.

Matt Beleskey (LW)

Last year’s stats:

GP: 35




This year’s prediction:

GP: 75




Beleskey is a very solid player, with a spectacular shot. Depending on what the Ducks do in the offseason, he may or may not draw a spot on the 2nd or 1st lines. He should certainly make the team and spark the 3rd line this season, and make his way up to one of the top 2 units for next season. He could potentially see some line 1,2 time and maybe some powerplay time as well, depending on injuries and top unit success.

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