Should the Islanders go After Chris Drury?

By chrisleyden

The final year of Chris Drury’s contract will reportedly be nullified according to the Daily News, making Drury a free agent this offseason.

The big question that New York Islanders fans should ask, is should the Islanders look to sign Drury, who although is 35 years old still would bring a lot to the table.

Drury was being paid way too much by the Rangers, and if he is demanding that kind of money the Islanders should not even contemplate an offer. If they can get him for much cheaper, which should be the case, they should at least put their best offer out and see if he bits.

The Islanders could use a seasoned veteran like Chris Drury on the ice now that Doug Weight has retired.

Obviously last year was not exactly a selling point for Drury, as he was only in 24 games and scored a single goal. If the Islanders can get production out of him like two or three seasons ago, when he had 32 and 56 points respectively, then Drury may be a smart signing.

Overall I think it is going to come down to the price. At one point Drury was one of the best in the game, and with such a young Islanders team they could use a guy who can be a vocal and mental leader. If they can sign him for a one year contract for little to no cap hit I don’t see why it is such a bad idea.

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