Aaron Rome still thinks he's the victim

By Nick Tavares

There’s sticking to your story, and then there’s Aaron Rome, refusing to believe he did anything wrong in his late, vicious hit on Nathan Horton in the first period of Game 3. From Sunday:

“I’ve been on the tough end of hits like that. If I could go back I’d wish he didn’t get hurt but I don’t think that it would change my decision on the play. …

“I saw him coming but there’s nothing you can do. My hit, they say, was late. It’s arbitrary. What is late? That’s a decision they made and I’ll have to respect it, but I definitely don’t agree with it.”

A player wanting to defend himself against accusations that he’s a bad person, I can understand that. But not understanding that he hit Horton at least two strides after he’d passed the puck, long after the play, aiming for the head … what can be said? This guy doesn’t get it. And he likely won’t get it anytime soon.

Rome also mentioned that he’s reached out to Horton, but has yet to hear from the concussed right winger. I can’t imagine why that would be the case.

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