Could Sean Couturier fall to Dallas?

By Chris Ransom

I really hope he does not fall to the Stars because I’ve been skeptical of the Drummondville left winger.  I don’t see him making it past the Carolina Hurricanes at #12 if he falls that far.  I will examine the earliest spots where Sean Couturier could go and then list the likelyhood of the Dallas Stars drafting him with that #14 overall pick.

The Florida Panthers pick 3rd if they want an offensive talent than Sean Couturier could be an option at #3 overall.  Florida was thinking about taking the best player available Adam Larsson, but with Jonathan Huberdeau emerging he now appears to be the frontrunner to go 3rd overall.

The New Jersey Devils pick next at #4 overall New Jersey scored the fewest goals in the NHL and did worse on the power play than the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The Penguins did not have Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin for the 2nd half of the season.  New Jersey looks like their going to take Adam Larsson if he falls to #4.

The New York Islanders pick 5th their going with the best available player.  Dougie Hamilton the Niagara defender is now the 4th best available North American defender and there are talks that he could challenge Adam Larsson for that top defenseman to be drafted in the 2011 NHL Draft.

Ottawa picks 6th.  You would think the Ottawa Senators will draft Sean Couturier, but they worked out Ryan Strome and they really liked him.

The Winnipeg Jets pick 7th.  Sean Couturier should not fall past #7.  Winnipeg loves him as a prospect that they can build their back 6 around with the front 6 set for the time being.  Zach Bogosian is an RFA so if he doesn’t resign the Jets may target Ryan Murray at #7 allowing Murray to be the 7th overall pick.

Columbus has a track record for taking wingers so you would think Sean Couturier would be that 8th overall pick.  Columbus wants an offensive defender so if they do not get Ryan Murphy I could see Nathan Beaulieu who is now a two way defender being that 8th overall pick.

Boston gets the 9th overall pick from the Toronto Maple Leafs.  The Bruins should get Tyler Seguin that sniper at left wing because most of their wingers are grinders are power forwards, but something tells me Boston takes a defender at #9.

I cannot see Minnesota or Colorado picking Sean Couturier if he falls to #11.  The next team picking after that is the Carolina Hurricanes who pick 12th.  Carolina takes forwards early in the draft so your thinking they would be crazy to pass on him and I cannot see Sean Couturier making it past the Carolina Hurricanes.

Lets say Carolina passes on Sean Couturier.  You ask where does he go next if he unlikely slides this far by some miracle?  Calgary always goes with the best available player and they pick 13th.  I can’t see Calgary passing on Sean Couturier unless they have a higher interest in a WHL prospect like Sven Bartschi or Mark McNeil.

If Couturier falls to Dallas by some miracle the Stars probably should take him.  There is no guarantee that Sean Couturier would be that pick at #14 because the Dallas Stars love WHL prospects.

I cannot see Couturier falling to Dallas.  Regardless of what happens with Sean Couturier he is going to get drafted in the top 14 by one of the the NHL teams that missed the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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