Brandon Dubinsky to the Toronto Maple Leafs?

By Jeff Zeffer

There are a lot of trade and free agency rumors roaming around the New York Rangers the last couple weeks. Glen Sather only has four draft picks in this year’s 2011 NHL Draft, so it possible that he might make a move to acquire another pick or two. In addition with letting go of Chris Drury recently, another rumor is that Sather will be going after Brad Richards when July 1st comes around.

But there has been speculation that there is a rumor that the Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Rangers are working up a deal that would have Brandon Dubinsky be the center piece around this trade.  But what parts could be going back to New York? It’s hard to say, I have heard a couple ideas, but for Dubinsky the Leafs would have to give up a 1st round pick and a young player, someone like Carl Gunnarsson. Now I know the Maple Leafs just signed him for two more years.  But the Leafs have an already good group of defensemen in my opinion and the Ranger defense is just average, but with potential.

The Rangers also have to deal with Bryan McCabe as he is a UFA, but I doubt he is staying. There still Vaclav Prospal to be signed, but I dought that will happen. Therefore I just think it would be a good idea of the Rangers to acquire and young solid, but inexpensive defenseman. Especially if their goal is to sign Richards, who I do think would be a great fit for them. The reason for this trade is a financial one. Therefore its just my opinion that Dubinsky full fills the needs in Toronto as a top six forward and Gunnarsson, with a 1st round pick full fills the financial needs of New York. Not saying its gonna happen, but just a rumor that peaked my interest.

It should be a wild a wacky NHL offseason!

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