Edmonton Oilers Year in Review: Steve MacIntyre

By ericyeomans

MacIntyre has shown flashes of brilliance occasionally, however these have mostly been between long periods of disappointment. Much like Zack Stortini, MacIntyre is supposed to fill the role of an energy-providing enforcer.  And just like Stortini, there were far too many times where MacIntyre seemed to go completely unnoticed or was simply noticeable for all of the wrong reasons. Whenever MacIntyre wasn’t a healthy scratch, he was barely on the ice at all, as he’s far too much of a liability to be on the ice for anything more than protecting teammates and dishing out punishment.  As a 30 year old unrestricted free agent, I will be surprised if MacIntyre’s brought back next season.

Grade: F

– Eric Yeomans

Entering the 2010/11 season I was excited to have the big man presence that is (was) “SmacIntyre”. I had long given up faith in Zack “Huggy Bear” Stortini and was ready for a true enforcer that the team was missing since the Laraque days of old. In the previous season MacIntyre showed he could be a valuable asset but his expectations became larger with the influx of rookies entering the starting lineups. MacIntyre all but failed those expectations,and  he is simply too much of a liability on the ice for his infrequent contributions.  There is no doubt that MacIntyre can still go toe to toe with the biggest and baddest in the league, but that doesn’t matter if: a) there is no goon on the opposing team willing to dance or b) there is no motivation to provide retribution for cheap shots taken against the team.  There is a fine line between unnecessary retaliation and sticking up for your team mates, a NHL enforcer knows how to play on that threshold,  MacIntyre did not.

Grade: F

– Curtis Magrath

Final Grade: F

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