Does the Zach Parise Arbitration Mean Good Things for the Islanders?

By chrisleyden

It looked like it was going to happen, arbitration between Zach Parise and the Devils, back when the sides starting working on a deal a few months ago and nothing came out of it.

Now the sides are seeking help in a way, and this could mean very good things for the Islanders in the future. Usually when the sides have to go to arbitration it is because the player (Parise) does not think he is getting a fair deal from the team (Devils) or does not want to return.

While he will likely have to play out the last year of his contract, it would seem as though a long term extension between the two sides is unlikely.

This is great for the Islanders, who could use a player like Parise to help their young stars. It would not be this upcoming season that Parise would join the Islanders but actually next season. This may not be such a bad thing since Parise is coming off a less than stellar past season in which he was hurt for most of it, and when he was healthy he wasn’t producing.

In other news, Shea Weber and the Predators have also filed for arbitration, which could make my dream of Weber wearing the Blue and Orange Islanders jersey that much more possible.

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