Edmonton Oilers Year in Review: Colin Fraser

By ericyeomans

You know that you had a bad season when I was discussing doing a year in review series with player grades, and the first response I got was, “Give Colin Fraser an ‘F’!” But that’s exactly what the case was with Fraser this season. After a couple of decently productive season with the Chicago Blackhawks as a bottom six depth-scorer and energy-provider, Fraser was a complete bust for Edmonton. He had less total points than he’s had goals the last two seasons, and was a minus +/- player for the first time since 2007. After being stuck behind a plethora of offensive depth in Chicago, Fraser was expected to take the next step this season. Instead, he was a major disappointment, and couldn’t even get going once most of the Oilers top talent was injured.

Grade: F

– Eric Yeomans

Did Colin Fraser have a great year? No.  Did Colin Fraser have a good year? No. Does Colin Fraser deserve a failing grade? No, but its a close call (although D’s are dismissible at some post-secondary institutions). Colin Fraser simply did not perform well this year and ended up being a fringe player on a 30th place team after hoisting the cup a short year ago.  While I agree with Eric that Fraser was a disappointment, however major is an overstatement. Fraser was acquired for a measly 6th round pick in the 2010 draft who ended up being Mirko Höfflin. No offense to Mr. Höfflin, but Fraser was a low-cost acquisition with hope that he could expand his game after benefiting from a high scoring Chicago offense. We all hoped that Fraser’s presence would strengthen the 4th line with his two-way play and decent faceoff ability, but we didn’t expect a miracle. Fraser is still under contract at $825,000, while we can hope that he can improve on last years performance we shouldn’t expect any different.

Grade: D

– Curtis Magrath

Final Grade: D

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