A Tale of Disconcerting Days

By latoyawilson
Eric Miller/Reuters/Fotoglif

The Flames wasted no time these past few days.

First: Try and get Ryan Smyth (what), raise middle finger to Edmonton. Ok, that didn’t work out.

Second: Ask Robyn Regehr to waive NMC so he can be shipped to Buffalo. Ales Hemsky celebrates by buying everyone in Edmonton, some appletinis and parties all night. Sugar hangovers, they’re the worst (cue the LTIR signal).

Third: Draft Sven Bärtschi‎. This I’m pretty happy about, considering who was left. It’s also nice to see that he’s not a goalie nor a gritty defenseman.

Fourth: Trade Regehr (ugh), Ales Kotalik (yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!), and a second round pick (WHAT) for youngins Chris Butler and  and Paul Byron. I don’t mind the trade itself, but why Regehr? Who will fill that void, I’m not sure. Jay Bouwmeester will have to step up in a major way. Mark Giordano will continue to be the MVP I’m sure. As for trading with a second, I guess that’s the price you pay when you dump Kotalik on another team.

Fifth: Sign Alex Tanguay to a $17.5 million 5 year deal and give him a modified NTC. This is the point where I checked to make sure Darryl Sutter wasn’t still the GM.

All in all, what can Flames fans make of these past few days?

The Draft itself wasn’t too bad. I’m happy with F Sven Bärtschi‎ F Markus Granlund and D Tyler Wotherspoon.

The trade is mediocre. I’m not happy about giving up Regehr and a pick, but glad the Flames got rid of Kotalik and cleared up some much needed cap space.

Now for the Tanguay deal.

I wanted Tanguay to sign with Calgary. Jarome Iginla obviously wanted him to stay. They have chemistry and click well together.

Forget about the pay raise, what’s with the 5 years? At the most, I was expecting 3 years. I assumed 2 years would be the final deal.

I hadn’t yet formed an opinion about Jay Feaster. As far as I was concerned, he had little room to do much with the team. Now? It feels like Sutter territory again. I haven’t completely written him off, but it feels like the Flames don’t have a clear direction.

So as Kent Wilson stated, “This day has been…uh…disconcerting as a Flames fan so far.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m having a panic attack thinking about next season.

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