Philadelphia Flyers Going After Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos?


Only hours after the Philadelphia Flyers traded away Captain Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, an interesting rumor began to circulate around the Philly sports blogosphere. 

Could Tampa Bay Lightning superstar Steven Stamkos be headed to Philadelphia?

Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning have been trying to iron out a contract extension since the end of the 2010-11 season. They have yet to agree to terms, and an agreement isn’t likely to occur anytime soon. A few days ago, acquiring Stamkos seemed like a pipe dream. However, if July 1st comes before the Lightning and Stamkos agree to a contract extension, things could get very, very interesting.

On July 1st, teams can sign Stamkos to an offer-sheet. Tampa Bay would then have two choices, either match the offer-sheet to keep Stamkos, or accept 4 1st round picks as compensation for the young superstar. According to the Philadelphia Daily News’ Frank Seravalli, a few teams including the Flyers would extend an offer sheet to Stamkos. That could be bad news for the Lightning, especially if a team blows Stamkos away with an offer they simply can’t afford to match. As Seravalli mentions, the Lightning already have the expensive long-term contracts of Vincent Lecavalier and Ryan Malone, adding a third could prove difficult for Tampa Bay.

It’s still a long shot, though if July 1st comes without a deal between Stamkos and the Lightning, you can be sure the Flyers will get involved.

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  • tocc22

    due to the fact that we just dumped 2 HUGE salaries, in length and money, i say we offer Stammer a 10-12yr contract at 8mil a yr. crazy, i know but we have given way less talented players contracts just as long. this time we actually know this guy is a legitimate 50+ goal scorer…DO IT HOMER, DO IT!

    • Mike Santa Barbara

      I don’t think you’re far off, I’d imagine the deal would be between 10-12 years to spread out the cap hit. A lot of things must happen first, the Flyers have to actually send an offer-sheet to Stamkos and he would have to accept it. Then, even more has to happen, the Lightning have 7 days to match etc, etc. Should be a fun week!