Phoenix Coyotes ownership woes take a downward turn

By robbybaker

Matthew Hulsizer, the Chicago businessman who was interested the past year in purchasing the Coyotes, has announced today that he will be walking away from negotiations.

With the Goldwater institute still blocking the sale of the Coyotes, Hulsizer decided he had to back away from the negotiating table. Husizer, earlier this year, agreed to pay concessions to the city to make up for the lack of parking revenue that was expected to be generated this upcoming year. That wasn’t good enough for the Goldwater institute though, and a lawsuit was threatened.

With Hulsizer out of the picture, eyes now turn to White Sox and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf. Reinsdorf has expressed interest in the past, but it is unclear if he is currently still interested. Some sources have said that Reinsdorf isn’t actually a serious suitor in this interesting saga because he wants the city of Glendale to give him some money back.

The team remains confident though that a deal will be done soon to keep the team in the desert permanently. With a new team in Winnipeg and the NHL still dedicated to keeping hockey in the desert, there is reason to keep optimism high.

So Coyote fans do not fret, there is still at least one more year of hockey in the desert. Keep your fingers crossed that a deal can get done that will keep it here for years to come.

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