Player Predictions: Ryan Getzlaf

By chrisrundell

Ryan Getzlaf (C)

Last year’s stats:

GP: 67




This year’s prediction:

GP: 81




It’s only a matter of time before Getzlaf breaks the 100 point plateau, and I think it happens this year. He will be joined by last years Rocket Richard and Hart winner, Corey Perry, and Bobby Ryan, who is probably the best young LW in the game. As long as Getzlaf can stay healthy, he should be able to finally break 100 points. I have no doubts that this will be a career year for him and Bobby Ryan, maybe even Perry if they can all stay healthy. A facial injury held him back last year, but it was a freakish injury that probably won’t happen again in his career. If this guy can stay healthy, he may even lead the league in points.

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