Philadelphia Flyers Agree to Terms with Wayne Simmonds

By mikesantabarbera


After some waiting, the final piece acquired in the Mike Richards deal is finally signed. The Flyers agreed to terms with RFA Wayne Simmonds on Thursday, according to GM Paul Holmgren.

The deal with Simmonds is for 2-years and worth $3.5 million. That makes Simmonds’ cap hit at $1.75 million, a steal if you’re the Flyers.

A lot had been made about what was taking so long for the Flyers and Simmonds to agree upon a deal. Leaving some to speculate on whether or not Simmonds may have been part of a future trade. There were no indications that those rumors were true, and they can be put to rest now that Simmonds has signed.

The signing of Simmonds wasn’t going to be as cut and dry as the deal with Jacub Voracek, also a RFA. Voracek is obviously a player the Flyers like, but they weren’t willing to make a long-term commitment to him just yet. Simmonds on the other hand is a player the Flyers wanted to lock up long-term. With his skill set and time in the NHL, it was probably quite difficult to iron out all the small details, while spreading out the money to make a manageable cap hit. All that hard work paid off, as the Flyers have locked up a good young player for the next 2 seasons, at a very cap-friendly price.

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