Projecting the Dallas Stars Back 6 for 2011-2012

By Chris Ransom

The back 6 for the Dallas Stars did not step up in 2010-2011.  Hopefully that changes this season.  Free agent Jake Dowell signed with Dallas and is expected to play center on line 3 with Toby Peterson and Adam Burish.  Hopefully Dowell can generate some spark on the 3rd line for the Dallas Stars.

Jake Dowell generated 21 points for the Blackhawks as a 3rd line center.  Burish generated 14 points, but only played in 63 games while Peterson only generated 6 points failing to produce.  Burish and Dowell were teammates at Wisconsin so this 3rd line may provide some spark and chemistry even though this may be one of the weaker 3rd line units in the NHL.

The Dallas Stars 4th line sees no significant changes, but they added Radek Dvorak an aging two way forward who will play right wing on the 4th line.  Krys Barch wll play left wing with Tom Wandell playing that center role.

Dvorak recorded 7 goals and 15 assists in 66 games raking up 22 points.  His veteran leadership on the 4th line should help left wing Krys Barch who only generated 3 points and center Tom Wandell who only generated 9 points.  Wandell and Dvorak are both two way forwards so there is a chance that Dvorak would be the 4th line center with Wandell converting to right wing.

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