Aaron Boogaard's Arrest Related to Brother Derek's Death

By Matt Farland

       When I heard of the arrest of former Minnesota Wild player Derek Boogaard’s brother, Aaron, I had not planned on reporting it.  Derek, who was loved by many, died in May, and I didn’t see any need to possibly disrespect the man by needlessly reporting an embarrassing arrest of the person who had found Derek dead.  However, it has come out that Aaron’s arrest was in fact related to the death of his famous brother.

       Authorities have officially charged Aaron Boogaard with the unlawful sale of a controlled substance, along with the interference with the scene of a death.  He is not only accused of giving Derek an Oxycodone pill on the day of his death, but also of trying to cover it up afterwards by misleading the coroner.

       Derek Boogaard, known for his fighting on the ice, but generous charity work off of it, struggled with an addiction to painkillers after he began taking them for hockey injuries.  It has been reported that he was in treatment for the problem as soon as the day before he had died, and that Aaron was in possession of the painkillers because he was trying to regulate his brother’s intake.  To read more on Derek Boogaard’s passing, please click here.

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