Player Predictions: Andrew Cogliano

By chrisrundell

Andrew Cogliano (C)

Last year’s stats:

GP: 82




This year’s prediction:

GP: 81




A change of scenery could be exactly what Andrew needs to play up to his full potential. Unfortunately, for this year at least, he’ll likely land on the third line. On the plus side, if he does, he’ll likely see a lot of ice along-side the likes of Matt Beleskey, Brandon McMillan, Dan Sexton Kyle Palmieri, Nick Bonino, who are all loaded with potential (both offensive and defensive) of their own. This would obviously mean some of them would have to play something other than their primary positions. This a career changing year for Andrew, and I expect him to perform well. 42 points would be spectacular playing on the 3rd line, and I think with his speed, skill, and decent back-checking ability, it’s very reachable.

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