Mike Richards Denies Allegations That "Hard-Partying" Led to Trade

By mikesantabarbera

Mike Richards was a guest on TSN’s “That’s Hockey,” and he responded to the allegation that hard-partying ways led to the trades of both he and Jeff Carter.

When he was asked about “Dry Island” Richards had some interesting comments.

 “It was just something that happened for a handful of guys, just more of a playful thing that half the team took part in and the other half didn’t. It wasn’t a big deal…It was just a joke around the locker room and obviously leaked out and someone’s trying to make a mountain out of it.”

When asked whether off-ice behavior had anything to do with the trades Richards said:

“It couldn’t be further from the truth,” Richards told TSN. “Unfortunately, things get blown out of proportion and things get said and taken out of context too. I’m not sure if people are trying to get a sense of it or trying to convince other people that it was the reason, but at the same time, it’s not true at all.”

On being traded:

“It was a big shock,” said the 26-year-old. “I found out about it an hour before it happened and then I called my agent and it just snowballed from there – with Jeff being traded and myself right after. It was a hectic day, but I’m looking forward to starting in L.A…I’m excited to get this next step going.”

Here’s a link to the entire video http://watch.tsn.ca/featured/clip507288#clip507288

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