More Philadelphia Media Nonsense About Mike Richards and Jeff Carter's "Hard-Partying" Ways

By mikesantabarbera


Dan Gross, the Philadelphia Daily News’ resident “gossip” blogger writes that Richards and Carter’s hard partying ways did them in. Gross mentions “Dry Island,” a concept started by Flyers Head Coach Peter Laviolette, asking players to refrain from drinking alcohol for a month. Participation meant your number went up on the dry erase board in the Flyers locker room.  In the column, GM Paul Holmgren confirmed that neither Richards nor Carter’s numbers were on the board. Holmgren went on to voice his displeasure that word of “Dry Island” had gotten out to the media. Though, he also stated that there were “23 players on the team, and there weren’t 23 names on the board,” meaning that Carter and Richards weren’t the only two players not to participate.

Leave it to a guy who gets paid to dig up dirt on celebs and mention what Lady Gaga had to eat at some Philadelphia restaurant to totally dissect the reasoning behind the trades of the Flyers captain and leading goal scorer.

Gross uses quotes from two “anonymous” Flyers, clearly the guy has some pull within the Flyers locker room. Gross fails to mention if the anonymous Flyers commenting on the situation were current or former Flyers, a detail that could have given his scumbag-column some legitimacy or doomed it.

This is just another unnecessary dig at Richards and Carter. Believe me, the fact that Richards and Carter liked to party comes as no surprise to Flyers fans. To think that it affected their play or standing within the organization simply isn’t true. I’m sure the Flyers had their worries, but to say it “played a major role” in getting them dealt is just flat-out untrue.

Gross seems to ignore the fact that the Flyers had other reasons to deal Richards and Carter. They needed cap space to sign goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov, and money to sign future RFA James van Riemsdyk. Trading Richards and Carter relieved the weight of two long-term contracts, freeing up some money to move toward a new direction.

I guess it would be downright foolish to believe a “gossip” writer would know anything about Hockey.  As usual, a locker room story has been blown out of proportion by a guy who has absolutely no clue. Just because he’s a “gossip” writer doesn’t mean the rules of journalistic integrity don’t apply to him.

Mr. Gross, citing “anonymous” sources and exaggerating stories doesn’t make you a journalist. It just puts you in the same category as the rest of the Flyers beat writers (not all of them) who attacked Mike Richards for being “impersonal.” My advice to you would be stick to what you know, dealing with fake scumbags like yourself and stay away from Hockey, something you clearly know nothing about.

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