Callahan Inked For Three Years

By johnmachurek

Ryan Callahan by Keith Allison, on Flickr

Well fans your off-season is over as the Rangers sign Ryan Callahan to 3-year deal worth nearly $13 million. I had predicted around $3.75 million a year, this contract will give Cally around $4.3 million per year.

Now the debate begins as to who will be captain? I won’t go into that on here as you can check the last article.

The Blueshirts now have Marc Staal, Brandon Dubinsky, and Callahan locked up for a few years. Also, add Brad Richards and the Rangers look poised to be a playoff contender again this year.

Some grumblings from Rangers fans is the fact that Cally’s contract is only three-years. You need to take into consideration the fact Staal just signed a five-year deal last September and Dubi just signed a four-year deal. The Rangers do not want to have worry about having to re-sign those three in the same off-season.

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