Should Minnesota "Become Wild" Weekly?

By Matt Farland

       Over the past 3 weeks, Minnesota Wild fans have been treated to a new kind of TV show involving their team.  “Becoming Wild” has received good reviews from fans, as it has shown a behind the scenes, in-depth look at some of the things that go on behind the club’s 82 game season.  Episode one gave us a look at the off-ice dealings of Minnesota’s AHL affiliate, the Houston Aeros, while the second episode showed us the hiring process of new head coach Mike Yeo.  The following episode promises to give an inside look at the Wild’s part in this year’s NHL draft.  It has all been an interesting, refreshing look at our team, and gives us something to look forward to during this off season.  So what potential opportunity is “Becoming Wild” lacking? Perhaps the possibility of offering more frequent episodes during the regular season to give fans a different look on the team they have followed throughout the week.

       As it currently stands, Fox Sports North, the channel “Becoming Wild” currently airs on, only plans on showing 6 episodes throughout the summer, ending before the actual start of the NHL season.  But think of what we all as fans would have to look forward to if the club could put together a short episode for us once a week, or even biweekly.  It would help all of us better understand what the owners and general managers are thinking and dealing with, and why certain decisions are made.  It would be a better way for them to connect with us.  Not to mention these shows might possibly be even better if they were being run during the season at a more updated rate.

       For example, the Minnesota Vikings have had their “Vikings Weekly” show that airs every Sunday during the season, and gives fans a look at the operations behind game day, and follows star players around on off days. Could “Becoming Wild” become a weekly staple in the homes of Wild Fans? The answer rests with Wild executives and Fox Sports North.

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