Luke Schenn is still in Contract Talks

By Jeff Zeffer

Luke Schenn who is the core of the Toronto Maple Leafs defense, is still not signed to a new contract, as he is a RFA this off season. The 21 year old played through the final season of his three year entry level contract where he earned a salary of 875,000 per season. According to, Schenn held a cap hit of 2.975 million.

In Schenn’s first three NHL seasons, he has recorded 12 goals, 41 assist for 53 points. The one thing that I notice in Schenn first three seasons is that his penalty minutes have dipped each season. In his rookie year Schenn was at 71 penalty minutes, then in his sophomore season it dipped down to 50 and then this last season Schenn only had 34 penalties minutes. Now that is a remarkable number for a defenseman, who is such a bruiser.

Personally I am not worried at all about Schenn not being signed. I have read online that Schenn is not worried either. Schenn is not going anywhere and if any Leaf fan thinks otherwise they are not truly a Leaf fan. Now Schenn is not yet eligible for arbitration, therefore there is no real deadline for a new contract, but worst case scenario requires him to be playing by December 1st. If Schenn does not have a contract by then, he would not be able to play in the 2011/12 season.

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