ESPN SportsNation: Los Angeles Kings Best in Pacific, Third in West

By Danielle Parenteau has posted polls asking its readers who the NHL’s division and conference winners will be for the 2011-12 season.

In the Pacific Division poll, the Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks are close but have beat out the rest of the pack by a landslide.

The Kings are first, with 46 percent of the vote; the Sharks have garnered 43 percent. The Anaheim Ducks come in third place with a paltry six percent; following them is the Dallas Stars at three percent and Phoenix Coyotes at two percent.

20,819 votes have been cast so far.

A poll asking who will win the Western Conference was much closer — nine percentage points separated first from last. The results so far shake out as follows:

  1. Detroit Red Wings- 24 percent
  2.  San Jose Sharks- 21 percent
  3. Los Angeles Kings- 20 percent
  4. Vancouver Canucks- 19 percent
  5. Chicago Blackhawks- 15 percent

The poll currently has 17,880 votes.

For the record, these very unscientific polls have also netted the following results thus far:

  • The Detroit Red Wings will win the Central Division (51%, 21,023 votes)
  • The Vancouver Canucks will win the Northwest Division (83%, 19,918)
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Atlantic Division (55%, 30,774) and the Eastern Conference (29%, 17,854)
  • The Washington Capitals will win the Southeast Division (54%, 28,715)
  • The Boston Bruins will win the Northeast Division (62%, 29,023)
  • A team other than the Sharks, Red Wings, Penguins or Capitals will win the Stanley Cup (52%, 28,668)

These polls are all still open so figures and standings are subject to change, all are correct as I write this.

Feel free to head over to ESPN to cast your vote:

Division winners in the West

Division winners in the East

Conference Winners

Stanley Cup Winner

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