Los Angeles Kings Coaching Staff Keeping Tabs on Drew Doughty

By Danielle Parenteau

Though negotiations between Drew Doughty and the Los Angeles Kings front office have been in a stalemate for much of the summer, the defenseman is maintaining consistent contact with the coaching staff.

L.A. has offered Doughty a lengthy contract, but an agreement is not expected anytime soon.

Kings fans should be glad to know the coaches are still making sure he will be ready to play.

Head coach Terry Murray has been in touch with Doughty, but assistant coach John Stevens has talked with him the most. (It is Stevens’s responsibility to keep tabs on the defensemen during the offseason.)

Stevens “has been pretty religious about staying in touch with him, because he kind of runs the defense,” Dean Lombardi told Kings writer Rich Hammond.

Of course, the talk is limited to hockey and does not include negotiations.

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