Phoenix Coyotes install new glass in Arena

By robbybaker

The Phoenix Coyotes have decided to install plexiglass in Arena for the upcoming season in an effort to create a safer playing environment.

In years past, Arena used a different type of glass to surround the playing surface, however a league mandate has spurred a change in the desert. The main reason for the change is in regards to player safety. The plexiglass is supposed to have more “give” so player impact with the boards should be lessened.

The new glass weighs less than half of what the old glass did, so when players hit the new glass the impact will be greatly lessened and absorbed more than in years past.

Sources have said that the glass can give “4 to 5 inches” when contact is made. It doesn’t seem like fans sitting in the front few rows will seem safe however, as the glass appears to be at breaking point every time impact is made. If fans do decide to sit in the front row of seats, they will have to learn to not to press up against the glass as it will come back and hit them.

Only time will tell if the playing environment is indeed safer from these changes. As it stands now it looks like fans and players will be bouncing around when they get near the glass.

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