St. Louis Blues: The Search for a Captain Update

By michaelwagenknecht

A few weeks ago we took a look at the potential players up for captaincy for the St. Louis Blues and it looks like we hit upon some of the guys the management is thinking of too. While no player has of yet been picked to lead the Blues as captain, the list has been narrowed down.

Blues GM Doug Armstrong talked to the St. Louis Post Dispatch last week and the issue of the Captain situation came up. Armstrong mentioned that the captain issue would be addressed at the start of training camp on September 16th. Notice he said addressed and not announced. Armstrong also said that he was unsure if the Blues would have one Captain or a group of players wearing the A.

The list for captain has been narrowed to three guys according to Armstrong. They include everyone’s main choice in David Backes, the longest tenured Blue Barret Jackman, and reborn Alex Steen. Steen is an interesting choice considering he is still a relative newcomer to the team but he has carved out a place and his voice is one that the young players listen to.

My bet is on David Backes being the choice to be the next bearer of the C but we will have to wait another few weeks to find out. Let us know who you think should be the next captain in our comments section.

 Training camp starts on September 16th with the Blues first preseason game coming 4 days later on September 20th at home against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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