New York Rangers 40/1 Odds to Win the Stanley Cup

By Johnny Machurek

Your New York Rangers are currently sitting at 40/1 odds to win the Stanley Cup this year. Here is the complete list according to Vegas Insider:

Team Open
Vancouver 6/1
Pittsburgh 7/1
Philadelphia 9/1
Washington 10/1
Boston 10/1
Chicago 12/1
Detroit 12/1
Los Angeles 12/1
San Jose 12/1
Tampa Bay 12/1
Montreal 20/1
Nashville 25/1
Anaheim 25/1
Buffalo 30/1
New Jersey 30/1
Phoenix 30/1
Calgary 35/1
Carolina 35/1
Dallas 40/1
N.Y. Rangers 40/1
St. Louis 40/1
Toronto 50/1
Winnipeg 50/1
Minnesota 60/1
Edmonton 65/1
Colorado 65/1
Ottawa 65/1
Columbus 75/1
N.Y. Islanders 80/1
Florida 125/1

Looking at the list I must say I was shocked at some of the rankings but I’m just going to focus on the Rangers. They are currently sitting in a tie for 19th, with the Dallas Stars and St Louis Blues. The Stars missed the playoffs barely and the Blues finished 11th in the Western Conference. Also, the Stars lost their best player Brad Richards to the Rangers.

When you consider the Rangers did make the playoffs last year albeit as the eight seed in the East, you have to at the very least give them better odds than the Blues and Stars. Also, the fact the Rangers signed the number one free agent this year Brad Richards, who should help get Marian Gaborik back on track, should boost their odds.

Also, the New Jersey Devils, got 30/1 odds when they finished 11th in the East, they are placed ahead of Calgary 13 more points, Carolina 10 more points, Dallas 14 more points, and the Rangers 12 more points. The Devils who have an aging Martin Brodeur who is 39, and made no moves in free agency are somehow better than the Rangers who were in the playoffs.

If I was compiling my odds for the Rangers for winning the Stanley Cup I would place them at 25/1 odds. They Blueshirts are moving in the right direction but still might be a year or two from hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup.

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