2 original Coyotes die in plane crash

By robbybaker

Brad McCrimmon and Igor Korolev were 2 of the 43 killed in the private plane crash in Russia yesterday morning. Korolev and McCrimmon both played for the Phoenix Coyotes in their inaugural season in the desert.

Both McCrimmon and Korolev were coaches for the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv, and were traveling to Belarus for their team’s opening game of the KHL season.

Officials have said that the plane crashed 150 miles out of Moscow and hit a signal tower. Officials have also said that only 2 have survived the crash, and among those who died was former NHL star Pavol Demitra.

This will be the Coyotes 15th season in the desert, and it is sad to lose two of the teams original members right before the season. As hockey fans and non hockey fans mourn these losses, the coyotes continue to prepare the season that lies ahead.

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