Crosby Cleared for Practice

By Stephanie Lewark
Sidney Crosby
Pittsburgh Penguins official webpage

The Penguins announced earlier today that Sidney Crosby has been cleared for practice during training camp, but without contact. He also won’t be participating in scrimmages during camp.

“I’m cleared to practice without contact. That’s good news for me. I’m excited to get going,” said Crosby, who continues to recover from a concussion suffered in early January. “Whatever symptoms I’ve had have been pretty minimal. To be able to get cleared to do this is good.”

He will be using the time to practice with the team during camp to help him “gauge” his condition although he said he doesn’t want to evaluate himself every minute he spends on the ice.  As for now, he plans to take it one day at a time from the start of camp and will be in contact with his treating physicians so they can make joint decisions on the pace of his progress and whether or not he can take the next step toward contact and returning to competitive hockey.

“In terms of seeing Sidney Crosby on the ice in that jersey and participating in practice, it’s always good to see that,” head coach Bylsma said. “He’ll be out there with his teammates and participating.”

“A lot of what he’s doing will be what he is comfortable with. He’ll be at the same pace and tempo as the other guys. Some of the contact drills he may not participate in.”

You really can’t argue with Bylsma about seeing Crosby on the ice – it will be an awesome sight!

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