The next captain of the Colorado Avalanche

By alistaircorp

Hey Av nation! Before I get to the story, let me do a quick intro.  I’m the new lead blogger here at for the Colorado Avalanche.  I have been an Av fan since I can remember and an avid hockey fan.  But the fact of the matter is you don’t care.  So let’s move on to the point! Since Adam Foote announced he would retire at seasons end this past April, we’ve been pondering who will replace him.  That person has VERY large shoes to fill, not only with Foote, but with Sakic before that.  As a avid reader on the Avalanche facebook page and other Avalanche blogs around the internet, I’ve agreed and disagreed with many opinions I have read on the topic.  I’ve heard everything from Hejduk to Ryan O’Reilly and everything in between.  In my opinion, the captaincy needs to go to a youngin’. I 100% agreed with it being given to Foote after Joe retired, but I think we need to go to the other end of the spectrum this time.  I have two/3 players in mind for it.  The first would be to give it to Milan Hejduk, which yes contradicts my previous statement, and let him groom either Matt Duchene or Gabriel Landeskog to assume the role 2-3 years down the road.  Coming into the draft, everyone knew Lando was a leader and is destined to be a captain sometime down the road.  The other player in mind is newly acquired Erik Johnson.  He has already shown he is a leader, and was even given the ‘A’ for a few games down the stretch at the end of last season when Foote was down with injuries.  He won over the hearts of fans with his interview post-trade, as well as the respect of management and his teammates.  Another point for Johnson goes to him being hear for the long haul.  At 23 years old, he is still a few years away from his prime and already showing stuff that makes you dream of the future when him, Barrie, Elliott and co. are giving opposing forwards AND defenseman nightmares.  I know a lot of people have been thinking about Paul Stastny for captain as well, and had Foote retired last year as opposed to this year, I would be absolutely agreeing with you, and I think he would have gotten it.  But the (unfortunate) truth is he had a down year last year, and his reckless playing style is getting to him, he had a down year last year.  Especially considering the 6.6 million he is due this year, look for Sherman to deal him if he struggles early (and he will not hesitate after the comments Stastny’s father made after the EJ trade).  So there you have it, a nice little meet and greet and my opinion on the captaincy status for the Colorado Avalanche!  Go Avs!

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