Update on Colorado Avalanche captaincy!

It figures my post that I wrote AND published last night would decide to publish today, the same day the following came out.  Per Adrian Dater of the Denver Times, the Colorado Avalanche are unlikely to start the season with a captain.  It will be Paul Stastny and Milan Hejduk sporting the ‘A’ with a third player to be named to also wear the ‘A’.  I believe that is a message Sacco and co. are sending to the players, especially Pauly, Hejduk, EJ and Duchene for one (or more) to step up and take charge of this team.  I like what he is doing, but at the same time it worries me that the same lack of inspiration that we saw the last month or two last year has carried over.  Last year, Duchene and Ryan O’Reilly took charge big time and put the team on their back a lot towards the end, so look for them to do it again.  Thoughts?

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  • amevessa

    I personally think the “C” should go to Hejduk or Stastny. Hejduk because his heart is obviously with the team and I think he’s got the experience and mentality to be a great leader. At the same time though we may only be getting 1-2 more seasons from him and I think the franchise really likes that they have only had 2 captains since 1995 and want to continue with that kind of long lasting leadership figure. Stastny also has shown he’s got heart for both the team and the city. He is young enough that we could get a longer captain term from him but old enough to have the experience, maturity and wisdom necessary to lead a team of young players. Besides if Stastny get’s it maybe it’ll end the trade rumors. Matt Duchene could be a good captain in a few years, but I feel he’s still finding himself on the team and ice. Just look at his performance on the ice around the time Fleischmann was injured. When Stastny, Duchene and Fleischmann were on the ice together they were almost unstoppable, Stastny and Duchene even created their little dance for after a goal. But then Fleischmann goes on IR and Duchene basically sulks for the rest of the season as though he lost his BFF and can’t play with anyone else.

    I agree though that not having a “C” or the third “A” assigned by the start of the season could do wonders to motivate someone to step up. At the same time I too am worried that we’re going to see the same lack of inspiration and guidance we saw when Foote went out on IR. They definitely played a different game April 10th when he was back for his last game, it was almost as though it were a completely different set of players.