Post preseason look at the Colorado Avalanche and the “improvements” Joe Sacco talks about.

By amevessa

Joe Sacco spent most of the off-season trying to reassure fans that there would be all sorts of improvements made for the upcoming season. How much of that was empty words and how much of that is becoming a reality? After a rough preseason it’s looking more like they were empty words.

Other than the changes to the roster, it hasn’t appeared like much has happened. For the most part shots on goal are still in favor of the opposing teams, they still struggle to keep the puck on the right side of the ice during power plays, and they still seem to be struggling to keep the opposing team from setting up goals. They are passing the puck and attempting to make plays, but they tend to lose the puck during a pass to an opposing player or give up after a few passes and go for the “hail Mary” shots we became so familiar with seeing last season. There are times though when the team can pull it together and show they are trying to come back from last season’s 2nd to last in the league standing. Having ended the preseason 3-3-0, the regular season could go either way. Let’s hope they spent the week between preseason and regular season actually backing the talk.

Is it the players, the coaching staff, everyone still trying to blend and get back into the swing of things with new faces on the team, or a combination of all of the above? Truly only time can tell, but I know this is a hot topic among fans, so let’s hear some thoughts.

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