Reimer the Magnificent

By Jeff Zeffer

Talk about a start for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Reiminster of defense or Optimus Reim or how about this one I made up, Reimer the Magnificent (I hope it catches on). But last night James Reimer basically owned the Montreal Canadiens. He recorded 32 for 32 saves while Carey Price had a 16 for 18 save performance. Overall the Maple Leafs played quite lousy in the first period. Don Cherry said on Coaches Corner that, that was the worst period of hockey he has ever seen in his life. But he will probably say that again sometime over the course of this season. The Maple Leafs up their played for the next two periods, while on their way to a 2-0 win.

The other highlights of the game were Matthew Lombardi’s early goal in the second period. This was Lombardi’s first goal since April of 2010. Dion Phaneuf scored a goal early in the third to put the Maple Leafs up 2-0. I personally hope Phaneuf’s 1st game goal is a sign of good things to come, because I think we all want Phaneuf back at that 20 goal mark when he came into the league with the Calgary Flames. Phaneuf is a great captain but I hope he produces points like a captain on defense would.

The Maple Leafs next game is on Saturday against the Ottawa Senators. The first five games of the regular season for the Maple Leafs are at the Air Canada Center.

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