Milan Hejduk scores first goal of the season for Colorado Avalanche against Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins

By amevessa

In the second game of the season today, the Avalanche took on the Boston Bruins as they start off a 5 game road trip. Both teams came out strong and stayed strong. The Avalanche dominated the puck all 3 periods having 36 shots on goal over the Bruins 30. Both goal tenders, Varlamov for the Avalanche and Rask for the Bruins, were on top of their game as they were being hit from all sides to get the puck in around them and making incredible saves. This was one of the best examples of classic hockey seen in a while and especially from the Avalanche.

The Avalanche went out and played a fairly clean game getting only a penalty a period while the Bruins received 3 in the first and one in the third. They were showing no fear when taking Chara into the boards or Skating right past/through him with the puck to near the net and letting him take the penalty for the retaliating hits.

Sacco was playing all 4 strings pretty heavily even giving the 4th string 10 minutes of game play. All 4 strings were holding up the energy and intensity and going for the shots, blocks and hits. Each string pushing the string in front of them to work even harder. Wilson and Johnson were the big defense men of this game with Duchene and Hejduk as the big offense men. Duchene even dove in between the puck and net at one point to help Varlamov.

The big moment though was 7:57 in the third period when Milan Hejduk gets one past Rask getting the first goal of the game and only goal of the game and the first goal of the season. He was assisted by Duchene and Hejda.

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