Sidney Crosby Cleared for Full Contact, Jeremy Roenick Weeps

By Troy Pfaff

Boom. There it is. The “next step” we’ve been waiting for since frigging January.

Pittsburgh Penguins superstar center Sidney Crosby has been officially cleared for contact in practice.

Unfortunately, there’s still no timetable for return. The rumors out of Pittsburgh were that Crosby would require at least two weeks of contact practice before returning to game action.

That makes Saturday, October 29th at the Toronto Maple Leafs a good guess at his return date. Again there’s still no timetable, but if everything goes according to plan and Crosby suffers no setbacks, that would be a good guess.

The Penguins’ schedule is packed over the next two weeks unfortunately. The team will play five games in the next seven days and eight before the 29th.

Still, all we can do is hope. Hope Crosby progresses well with no setbacks. Hope Crosby feels well enough to return at some point this month or early next month. Hope Crosby comes back as the same player he left.

I can hear Jeremy Roenick and the entire city of Philadelphia crying from here.

Let’s Go Pens.

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