Peter Muller of the Colorado Avalanche out another game

By amevessa

Peter Muller has now sat out 2 games and people are wondering if he’s still dealing with concussion problems that took him out for most of last season.

According to Adrian Dater with the Denver Post: Muller was skating in morning before the game against the Canadiens and is listed as “Day-to-Day” and expected to be at practice before they take on Toronto. The article also mentions “the Avalanche has been in consultation the last couple of days with Dr. Robert Cantu, the noted Boston-based concussion expert who helped treat Mueller last season”. Which seems to be a big sign that the issue is concussion related, however, there is always a chance that is just a follow up chat and Muller is just out because he needs more conditioning to come back from his absence last season.

My thoughts are if he is still dealing with concussion aftermath he shouldn’t be on the Avalanche bench. If he’s still in need of conditioning after recovering from such a hard concussion, he shouldn’t be on the Avalanche bench. Even if he’s fully recovered and in perfect shape, he seams to be playing it safe and shouldn’t be on the Avalanche bench. He’s a great player and I’m happy he’s back on the ice but we don’t need someone playing it safe or dealing with concussion aftermath taking up a seat on the bench when we have a lot of good talent in Lake Erie ready to be on the bench now.

What are some of your thoughts on the matter?

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