Penguins D Kris Letang Suspended Two Games for Hit in Winnipeg

By Troy Pfaff

Not quite sure where to start with this one.

NHL Vice President of Being a Jagoff Brendan Shanahan has decided to suspend Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang for two games for his hit on Winnipeg Jets forward Alexander Burmistrov.

Watch Shanahan’s poor excuse for, well, an excuse.

What I gather from that is that Shanahan believes that the expected move for a forward gathering the puck in his own zone, at even strength, while competing with the opposing team’s last defender, is to turn his body and curl back into his own zone? Good one.

Letang got two for boarding. Whatever. He hit Burmistrov from behind, whether he tried to or not. Two minutes, his time is served. Now he gets two games because Shanahan has no clue.

You know what’s better? Burmistrov, the victim, admittied today that he put himself in that position, and that he was at fault for the way the play unfolded.

Burmistrov in the Winnipeg Free Press today:

“He came to me and I turned back and he maybe wanted to hit me in the shoulder and I just turned and it happened.”

Let’s not take a look, though, at the three similar hits Zbynek Michalek took in this very game, or the two elbows to Matt Cooke’s face we’ve seen so far this season.

Anyways, game preview coming up once I cool down.

Go Pens.

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