Avs Can’t Turn on the Flames Early

By Derek Kessinger
Kiprusoff makes a save in the Flames 4-2 win over the Avs (Jeff McIntosh:canadian Press)

It’s a game Avs fans have seen before. The youthful team that is supposed to be made up of speed and energy does not turn on the gas until it’s too late.

The 4-2 loss to the Flames was one of those games. In the first period, the team lacked energy and was beaten to the puck. They got a goal from Kyle Quincey to leave the scored tied at one and give the Avalanche a chance to catch their breath.

In the second period, the Avalanche gave up two goals before the team turned on the jets and were flying down the ice. Wilson got a goal before the Flames added the empty netter. Their fast play was late and was not enough to catch up.

I hate watching these kinds of games. This team has too much youth to ever be outhustled and it is how they win games. That style is what always makes the Red Wings games so frustrating; Detroit’s skill is the only thing that really brings the Avs fast style to a halt.

I do not know what the Avs need to do to avoid the slow nights, but the fans saw that kind of play too much last year. This team may not be as good as their 6-3 record states, but they are better than slow play.


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