Joe Colborne Named AHL Player of the Month

Today the AHL announced that Toronto Marlies center Joe Colborne was selected to be the American Hockey League’s player for the month of October

Over this month Colborne was able to record eight goals and eight assists, which is good for tied for 1st in the league’s scoring race. With significant contributions from Colborne as well as Joey Crabb (who is tied for 3rd in league scoring), has helped the Marlies to a (5-3-1) which is good for first place in the North Division.

Keith Aucoin, T.J. Hensick and Chris Bourque round out the rest of the top five point leaders for the AHL.

At 6’ 5” 215lbs Colborne with his tremendous size has the potential to be a lethal top six power forward in the NHL. With a range of 20 – 30 goal potential he could score per year. Some think that Colborne is lethal in and around the goal which is very true. But a lot of people don’t give him enough credit for what Colborne can do in the corners along to board and at the hash marks, the guys got great skating abilities and with his large frame it is hard for people to move Colborne anywhere on the offensive side.

Some improvements I think Colborne needs to make, is a common occurrence that a lot of high end prospects have trouble dealing with. Which is inconsistent play, Colborne needs to find ways to play a strong game, game in and game out. To me Colborne does great for five games, but then you don’t see any wow from him the next five. Also I think Colborne needs to be a better player without the puck, since he has such a large frame, he needs to consistently position himself and take charge more in front of the net when his teammates have the puck. He will indeed become a good player, its just going to take time with Colborne.

Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs face off against the New Jersey Devils

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