Meet the new guy

By ryanfrahm

Hi all,

My name is Ryan Frahm and I’m gonna be the go-to guy for all you need to know about the Blues organization.  I’m writing this out more or less just to test the waters and see how many people will actually read this.  Since you guys are going to be the ones reading my stuff I feel it’s only fair if you know about the guy writing it.

I was born and raised in St. Louis and my dad and I have been season ticket holders since 2000.  Right now, I’m in Cape Girardeau, MO going to school and love my team so I thought this would be fun, getting to write about them all the time.  I feel like my random in game thoughts can be put to use now and someone else other than myself will get to read them.  I’m in no way shape or form a professional writer, nor do I wish to be one.  This means that any mistakes that you happen to catch, grammer or spelling, etc, good for you – I don’t care.

I’m always open to hearing any ideas of what you guys have to say or any questions or ideas that you fine folks have, dont hesitate to e-mail me at and I will get back to you ASAP.  Or you can always leave me a note down in the comments too, but seriously send me some ideas on what you guys wanna see me write about.

I hope to have another article up later today about the “Goalie Controversy 2011″…. Here’s to the beginning!

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