Lidstrom leading the Red Wings in goals: Good or bad?

By Eric Ryan

The Detroit Red Wings have a lot to figure out after twelve games.  The man with the “C” on his sweater is not one of them.

Nicklas Lidstrom, all 41 years of him, is leading all NHL defensivemen with five goals.  This is particularly outstanding considering he is a mere 23rd in the league in ice time per game.  It is also quite astonishing when you consider his plus-minus is sitting at +2 after twleve games, which is pretty low for one of the greatest defensivemen to ever play hockey.

The fact that Lidstrom is leading the NHL in goals for blue liners is great.  The fact that Lidstrom is leading the Red Wings in goals and points is not.

In the past the Wings have been able to blame a lack of production on injuries.  That simply is not the case this year.  The team is as healthy as it could possibly hope to be.  So why is Nicklas Lidstrom, who should be much more worried about poke checking than 60-foot blasts, leading the team in goals?

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