Lidstrom provides spark, Franzen the gasoline as the Red Wings scorch Avs

By Eric Ryan

Nicklas Lidstrom scored in the first period to set the tone in the Detroit Red Wings 5-2 win over the Colorado Avalanche.  The Captain padded his league-leading goal total among defensivemen, as he now has six.

Johan Franzen was not around when the Wings and Avs were heated rivals, but he clearly has something against them.  He scored a hat trick, the second of his career.  The other hat trick: in the 2008 play-offs against Colorado, the same series in which the Mule set the NHL record with nine goals in a four-game play-off series.

The Red Wings looked like the Red Wings of old.  Or at least the Red Wings of two weeks ago.  The power play was phenomenal.  The defense was solid.  The turnovers were still there, but nothing materialized off of them.

The Wings started the season with five straight wins, then six straight losses, and now two straight wins.  Conventional wisdom would suggest that the Wings are about to go on a tear.

If the Wings are catching fire, they are doing it at the perfect time.  The team hosts the two best teams in the Western Conference, at least to this point in the season, on Friday and Saturday when Edmonton and Dallas come to Detroit.



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