The Avalanche Can't Win

By Derek Kessinger

The Avalanche just do not have what it takes to win. They should not have been on the same ice as the Red Wings tonight, a 5-2 loss.

It is time to make a change, whether that is a coaching change or a trade.

Matt Duchene of the Avalanche Falls in a 5-2 loss to Detroit (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

I, personally, would like to see a trade first. I like Joe Sacco and think he handled this young team very well in his first season and a half as the head coach. However, the last 10 months have been torture for the Avalanche. I do hope that if Joe Sacco is fired that he gets another NHL job at some point.

The Avalanche has no energy at all. This has been going on for the last seven games, in which the Avs have won only one. A record like that is just inexcusable for a team this young. They sit back and wait for things to happen, even the defensemen. They try to make pretty plays that turn into turnovers instead of pushing the pace.

The problem with the Avs trading a big name is that it has not worked for this team in the past. The Avs have traded their opening night top winger, goaltender and defenseman from last season (Chris Stewart, Craig Anderson and John Michael Liles, respectively) and this team barely responded. Trading Stastny or a defenseman isn’t going to kick this team into gear.

It is pretty apparent that Avalanche management did an injustice to the team by not getting a strong forward this summer. Peter Mueller is not going to be healthy this season. He was not healthy when he was playing and still is suffering from concussions. I think the testimony from Assistant Coach Adam Deadmarsh’s career ending concussion injury should have told the management to bet against Mueller. However, to save some money, they did not.

The Red Wings are still a talented team. Johan Franzen got a hat trick. Yet, the Avs just can not cut it at this level. The Avs got nice goals from Landeskog and Hejduk. Landeskog has a real hustle play. But this team overall is a mess.







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