Chicago vs. Detroit for the Stanley Cup: Has a ring to it

By Eric Ryan

National Hockey League realignment talks are leaving the Detroit Red Wings with a lot of different possibilities.  The most widely known layout could have the Wings in either the Eastern or Western conference.

If the Wings were in the East, they would be in a division with Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Ottawa.

If the Wings were in the West, the division would consist of Winnipeg, Chicago, Dallas, Minnesota, Nashville, and St. Louis.

Common sense says that the Wings will be in the West.  They have a recent history with most of the teams in this potential division, which would set up marquee regular-season games.  The NHL loves over-hyping these type of match-ups.

But what if the Wings got put into the East?

It would be great for Red Wings fans.  Kiss 10 o’clock starts goodbye for the most part.  Having the Wings in the East would put four Original Six teams in the same division, which would be another thing the NHL could market.  How about having the Wings and Pittsburgh in the same division?

The biggest thing to focus on, as it always is with the Wings, is the post-season.  The first two rounds would be against teams within the division.  The Wings would actually have an edge they have not in the past if they were in the East: the luxury of not having to travel 2,000 miles.  They would have this advantage, if you want to call it that, all the way through the Eastern Conference Finals.

Then, the Finals.

The NHL has to love the potential of a Detroit/San Jose Stanley Cup Final.  Or Detroit/Vancouver.  Or Detroit/Anaheim.

Or, dare we dream, Detroit and Chicago.



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