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Are The Vancouver Canucks A Dirty Team?

The criticism for the Vancouver Canucks being dirty just won’t go away. It was last year in the Stanley Cup finals that the Canucks were labeled as dirty on 2 separate incidents.
In Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals, Vancouver Canucks Alex Burrows took a bite out of Boston Bruins Patrice Bergeron’s finger during a scrum at the end of the 1st period. Burrows was given a double-minor penalty for roughing at 20:00 of the first and Bergeron was given a roughing minor. There were speculations that Burrows would be suspended for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, but the league decided that Burrows won’t be suspended for the incident.
In Game 3, Aaron Rome of the Vancouver Canucks laid out Nathan Horton with a late hit with 14:53 left in the 1st period. Horton would be hospitalized and he would miss the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals. There has been mixed reviews about the hit. Some people have said that the hit was totally clean while other people said the hit was dirty. The league would suspend Aaron Rome for 4 games, which means he would be suspended for the whole Stanley Cup Finals. There were some people that said that the hit Rome made on Horton was why the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. The reason being is that the Bruins were more motivated.
The Canucks would play the Bruins on Jan. 7, 2012 in Boston in a Stanley Cup Finals rematch. But these 2 teams didn’t have to wait that long to be connected with each other. On November 18, 2011, Mark Recchi ripped on the Vancouver Canucks, calling them the “Most Arrogant Team He Ever Played Against”. Recchi also said: “Twenty-two years, they are the most arrogant team I played against and the most hated team I’ve ever played against. I couldn’t believe their antics, they’re falling and diving. It was very frustrating, but at the same time as the series wore on we knew we were getting to them and we knew out physical play and our skating, I think it caught them off guard a little bit,”
And this is coming from a guy who was born and raised in Kamloops, British Columbia. I guess he wanted to wait until he retired to make his comments instead of making them as a player because he didn’t want to be a distraction to the team’s Stanley Cup run. Kevin Bieksa responded with these comments about Recchi: “Isn’t he retired? What’s he doing? Tell him to go play a round of gold or take a nap. Why is he chirping us?
You can call us a lot of things, I don’t think arrogant would be one of them. This is not even close to the most arrogant team I’ve even played on. The twins are so humble and you may not like playing against guys like (Maxim) Lapierre, and (Alex Burrows but they’re not arrogant. I just don’t get it. Mark Recchi can go take a nap.”
Then, on November 20, there was another incident. The Canucks were hosting the Ottawa Senators that night. Mid-way through the 1st period, Maxim Lapierre nails Jesse Winchester through the Canucks bench door. It happened because Burrows opened the gate. There’s speculation that Burrows did that on purpose. Winchester was fortunate because he only suffered a sore back, but it could have been worse. Burrows said that “It was a line change and at the last minute he got hit pretty good there and the door wasn’t closed completely. He’s a Montreal guy and one of my friends so it’s a good thing he didn’t get hurt on the play.” In my opinion I think Burrows did that unintentional.
So the big question is: Are the Canucks a dirty team? Let’s hear your opinion.