Could Bobby Ryan be Headed to the Flyers?

By Johnny Machurek

Rumors have been swirling about Anaheim Ducks forward Bobby Ryan and some places he could end up landing.  Could he possibly be on his way back home, and become a member of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Ryan was born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey which is a mere 20 minutes from the Wells Fargo Center.  With the Ducks performance thus far this season, rumors has persisted that the Ducks may move Ryan.  Personally, I think the Ducks should just hold on to Ryan, I mean they were in the playoffs last year.

Now with all of that said, is there anyway Ryan could make his way to Broad Street?  Well of course he can as we have learned nothing is impossible, but is it practical?

For the Flyers to acquire Bobby Ryan they will have to ship a big contract.  Ryan signed a contract before the 2010 season for five-years $25.5-million with his cap hit being $5,625,500 the final four seasons.  Looking at the Flyers roster the top five contracts are Danny Briere $6,500,000, Kimmo Timonen $6,325,000, Ilya Bryzgalov $5,675,00, Chris Pronger $4,925,000, and Scott Hartnell $4,200,000.

Problem is Briere, Timonen, and Hartnell all have No-Trade Clauses, and more than likely they won’t want to be moved to play for a team who looks to be one of the worst teams this year.  Briere and Timonen especially won’t want to be moved as they are growing older and eyeing the possibility of finally raising a Cup.  Progs, his trade value isn’t very high considering all his injuries last year and the injuries so far this year.  Also, he is highly regarded as a leader in the locker room when healthy.  Lastly, Bryz was just signed this year and is considered to be the franchise goalie (like we haven’t heard that before) so there is no way he is going anywhere.

So any fan that had hopes of hometown reunion with Bobby Ryan should consider it a pipe dream.  Even than, when having a pipe dream it still won’t make sense to you.

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