VIDEO: Crosby Sidelined After Collision; Is This the Beginning of the End?

By Steve Palumbo

There is no denying how great of a hockey player Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby is. In fact Crosby is often referred to as the “face of the NHL.” So it has to be a bit concerning for the NHL’s brass to see one of their sports biggest icons sidelined again with another near brush with disaster.

Crosby returned in late November after missing more than 10 months because of the after effects of a severe concussion. There was concern that perhaps the NHL’s “Golden Boy” would return a shell of his former self or *gasp* not return at all. But, “Sid the Kid” has 12 points in eight games since his return in late November proving he is not only back but just as good as ever.

But, there is a giant, bloated white elephant in the room that can’t be ignored. The severity of Crosby’s concussion has made him vulnerable to re-injury as evidenced by his latest set-back. In the third period of Monday night’s game against the Boston Bruins, Crosby collided with linemate Chris Kunitz and limped off the ice, he appeared to be favoring his leg at the time. He stayed on the bench and returned to the game. However after the game it wasn’t his leg that was given attention, it was his head.

Tests were negative but Penguins general manager Ray Shero said Crosby would be held back as precaution. A “precaution?” I see this becoming a day in the life of the post-concussion Crosby. The collision with Kunitz didn’t look hard, in fact it looked more like an espisode of the Three Stooges. If a crash with a teammate keeps him out two games what happens when a hulking rival defenseman lines him up for a big hit? Another “precaution” or the final blow?

My guess is we better enjoy watching Crosby play while we can because it appears very likely that his days in the league are numbered.

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