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VIDEO: Martin Brodeur Robs Phil Kessel Again

The New Jersey Devils legendary goaltender Martin Brodeur and Toronto Maple Leafs star Phil Kessel have a bit of a personal rivalry developing dating back to their previous meeting in early November.

In Tuesday’s 3-2 overtime win, Brodeur showed that despite his age he can still boogie with the best of them by stacking his pads to make an acrobatic save to thwart Kessel’s breakaway attempt in the first period.

Brodeur’s latest act of larceny comes nearly a month after making what some are already calling the save of the year, robbing Kessel with a stick save that still gives him nightmares.

You decide for yourself. Which save is better?

Kessel did manage to finally put one past Marty in the second period but is there any doubt who is getting the better of who? I think not.

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